• What do you feed the guests?

    We offer all our canine guests Premium quality, healthy, gourmet kibble – with a fresh chicken and cheese loaf on the side,  proven to tempt even the fussiest dogs to eat! – and when everything else fails we will offer quality canned food or a fresh warm BBQ chicken.

    All our feline friends are also offered Premium quality, gourmet kibble. If your fur baby has an acquired taste or special dietary requirement, then we suggest you bring it along and we will feed as per your instructions.

    All our guests feed times are monitored closely to ensure everyone is enjoying their healthy food and obtaining the benefits from it while staying with us.

  • What is the best time to drop off?

    We are open 7 days a week from 8-11AM and 3-5PM If your pet has never boarded before we suggest they arrive around 9AM so they can spend the day relaxing and getting used to their new environment with plenty of loving pats and reassuring kind words before bed time.

    Those pets that love coming to stay with us and have been acquainted with the boarding experience- it does not matter what time they join us!

  • What will my dog do all day?

    The Pines Pet Resort is a very busy place and very often the pets receive much more stimulation and interaction than they would at home when ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ work 8 hours a day. All the dogs are exercised at least 2 times a day in our large secure play yards. The dogs love to have a run and a romp in the exercise yards and of course the dogs can see the pets in adjoining yards. They will often run along the fences ‘talking’ to each other! If your pet is a social butterfly and is from a single dog family – then you may want to ask us to find him a compatible friend to play with!

    The kennel complex is a very busy place and while the pets are very safe and secure in their suites they can see many other pets, staff and visitors, dogs being bathed and groomed, pets being lead out for playtime! It’s a very busy fun place! Remember, no matter how long your dog stays with us, dogs don’t have a sense of time and our guests actually loose track of the days and just enjoy themselves! 

  • My pet has never been away from home before, will it be alright?

    Do you know what? I think that the large majority of pets actually enjoy the boarding experience. The dogs have human company 7 days a week. The Pines Pet Resort is such a busy place and there is always something to see and do and I believe dogs really do enjoy the very stimulating environment.
    Cats on the other hand are normally just content to laze around and watch the antics of our willy wag tail families. Those cats that enjoy cuddles and pats can have as much of that as they wish!
  • May I bring my pets own bedding

    The simple answer to this question is yes you may bring whatever you think will help settle your pet into the new boarding environment. However if your pet is not particularly attached to his or her bed there is no real benefit in bringing it! We provide all our guests with bedding. Our large guests receive custom made sheepskin beds, our small guests receive feather filled circular cushions with faux fur covers as do our feline friends in Catz Club (however these are rectangular especially made to fit on their beds) Kitty City guests also have custom made sheepskin! All dogs have an elevated canvas covered bed and the pillows and sheepskins are then placed on the beds. No bedding will get wet as it is removed when the suites are cleaned. Each and every guest is provided with clean fresh bedding on their arrival day. If you wish to bring bedding please provide something that is not a family heirloom as your pet may seek revenge on there first evening away from home and destroy it!

    Please remember we care for a number of pets and if everybody brings there own beds and blankets it can get a little tricky to keep a track of – especially if it has to be laundered! It is a good idea to write you pets name on their bedding (just like kids going school) so it doesn’t risk becoming lost property!

  • Medications

    We guarantee that all medications provided will be administered as per veterinary instructions. We do keep an accurate record on each pets file and also a separate medications register. However please note ‘special’ care pets may attract a surcharge.
  • Vaccinations

    We must insist on all pets being currently immunised – that is all pets must have received a vaccination in the last 12months. We insist on at least a C5 for our canine companions and a minimum of a F3 for our feline guests.
    A C5 vaccination covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluinza and Bordatella.
    A F3 vaccination includes Feline enteritis and
    Pets should not be vaccinated within 2 weeks of arriving at The Pines Pet Resort.
  • What happens if my pet needs to go the vet?

    We pride ourselves on spending quality time with the pets entrusted to our care and just as you would notice if your pet had a sore eye or ear, diarrhoea or a sore leg and would take him to the vet, we will do just the same on your behalf. We will try and use your own veterinarian (time permitting) or we will use our own veterinarians. We will always pay your veterinarian and then we usually just attach this invoice to your boarding fees.